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What You Dont Have, You Dont Give

These are my Dreams

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blue-earth-seenThis dream was on August 3, 2014. A very big body approached the earth. It was bigger than the earth. It came directly facing the earth so the scientists were afraid. It came to them that they must get the course out of the path of the earth to avert collision with earth. But the body was too big to be swayed away from the path of the earth.

The shape of the body was about five times the size of earth. The scientists decided to get the earth out of the path of the body. What comes to their mind was to hit the earth and get it out of its orbit. But again they were afraid that it may cross the orbit of another planet and then collided with it in future.

mud-hutI was led to a hut made of thatched roof and round mud wall on July 9, 2003. The small house was located on a dry sandy land. My guide was an old man with a walking stick. As we  approached the entrance of the hut, the child was shown to us by a woman who stretched her two hands holding the child. The entrance of the small house was illuminated on our arrival to make me see the child clearly.

After seeing the child, we moved away from the hut. Then the old man told me that at the age of 30 years, the man will rule the world with punitive measures. I was shown strange beings descending from the sky. The beings have wild, fearful faces. They will help him to impose cruel laws on all nations. His will rule with terror. And I also saw how those who disobeyed him were given heavy punishments. During his time the whole world will groan.

But it was a dream!

fireballs-tradition-favors-culture-thailandIt was on Saturday afternoon 21/02/2015 where I was sitting, I can see the patches of sun rays on the wall of the store in front of the flat where I live. These reminded me of what I saw in my dream yesterday. It actually looked like a vision than a dream.

In this vision I saw smoke pervading the sitting room, I was resting on the 3-sitter cushion chair in the sitting room. As I opened my eyes wider I went to the kitchen to see whether there was something on the cooker. So I looked in the direction of the kitchen and saw nothing on the burning. I could not imagine where such smoke could come from in the afternoon.


So I went back to the 3-sitter cushion chair and slept. Again I was half asleep when the smoke came again. This time it does not fill the room but, it was aligned from the top of the ceiling to the floor. It went event straight from the floor to the ceiling.
As I sat to view it, it disappeared.

I went to the dead man’s house, his wife was wailing, because she lost her husband. Many people were there with me, the woman whose husband died was very young with her young kids. The woman was a primary school teacher, so she went to the class to do handing over and to obtain permission from her boss.

We were waiting for the burial time. A car came conveying the properties of the man. A lot of people gathered there to commiserate with the family. The wife and the children then joined the vehicle. This was on 21/10/2012

814051In an airport, a tower for guiding plane was close to the landing track. I went to see somebody in this tower or worked with them. A plane developed fault and landed on the track close to the tower. I became fearful that a plane may land on the tower. I left the tower and walked on the track. A plane slightly missed me on the track. People started looking for the man that walked on the track. Groups of us are to be instructed about aerodynamics. A list of the participants from groups A, B, C, D… was pasted. At first I did not bother finding my name in the list. At the day of commencement, I started looking for my name. I could not find my name. An additional list was pasted that day my name was also not there.

I had a dream. Animals and men were playing football. It was so interesting. I saw hare, rabbit, monkeys, cats etc with men playing football. The animals were so trained among men that they were doing things in an interesting ways. Cats were trained to handle the ball perfectly and to pass it to me. And a monkey can even dribble a man. It was interesting. Goals came from both men and animals. I watch with great interests. This was on 12/08/2014.

Mind not my dreams!

We went somewhere to camp. Where I was double Decker beds were many in the room. I occupied one below. I have few bags and cloth. Earlier I had borrowed money from a woman when in a meeting. After the meeting the woman started demanding for her money. I gave part of the money but she insisted that she had expected that I would pay all after collecting salary and not paying in parts.
In a meeting, those that were late were not allowed to sit down but to remain standing for sometimes. When the woman also came, her husband directed she must stand up as punishment. We had our own different group, and I was not convenient with what was happening.

However, after the meeting I went to my room. When I got there all my bags has been dislodged and packed into a watery, dirty environment. A boy that followed into the room saw that all my bags have been replaced with others bags. So I started lamenting. On the way out I intercepted a group. Among them was a boy that looked wild. His assistance was closed to him. I threatened the boy and his group and told them ‘I am ready to spend all my money’ to humiliate him about what he did. Everybody was surprised about the misdeed of that group.

I prepared to go to the law enforcement officer to report this case. On the way I went to check a friend Doctor in a house beside a bush. I told him ‘I needed a room to myself’ but he said, ‘it was the rich individuals like the head of state that are living in the house, and all the rooms were occupied’. While I was still discussing with my friend the ringing of my handset woke me up. Aah! It was the alarm. The day was 4/5/2014.

Exactly on 28/11/2011 three of us went to a farm (names withheld) to work and with about three or four other kids. Just then about three persons came to kidnap us on the farm. They did not take us away, but they guided us and held us hostage on the farm.

It was like this, when they were coming, we try to run away. I ran into the hut on the farm with one other person. But there was no place to hide there.

Other people tried to run away. A man held them and saw me inside the hut hiding at the other end. Someone else had also tried to hide there before me. The two of us we taken. Those who ran away through the back of the hut were held. We were prevented from drinking water.
They rounded us together and place watch on us.

After a time people from a nearby village came to rescue us. Those that came to kidnap us started running away and we pursued them until we got the three of them. What they did to us, we also did to them.

This dream was on May 16, 2016. It was in the night sky that I saw the map of both North and South America. As I lifted up may eyes I saw the maps in the night sky. Shining and bright light was conspicuous in the lower part of North America. As you move to the centre of the North American map the shining light fades but increases towards the upper edges. Some places were in darkness.      IMG_20160522_123331

The upper part of South America was shining and bright the centre was mostly in darkness. The tail bottom was shining and bright along the edges.

Those areas that were shining and bright were twinkling like stars.

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