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Dreams are Here

Few of my dreams are here. Click and read. More shall soon be uploaded.

A Stranger
The world is worried as a large body approached the earth. It was many times bigger than the earth.
Another Stranger
A child with a destined mission was born. It was in a thatched hut house..
Stranger Smoke
And I saw a strange smoke in the afternoon. It came once and reappeared again.
A man is gone
The pains of losing the loved one. An important man was gone in a community.
What a miss
A plane developed fault and landed on the track close to the tower. I became fearful that a plane may land on the tower.
The future is here
Animals and men competed on a playing field. The result was surprising.
Strange camp
I went to a camp for a meeting. Strange things happened.
Three of us were held hostage on a farm
American Map in the Sky
I saw the American map in the sky and…

 Have you ever had any dream before? Kindly share it with me. You can send as many dreams. I shall publish as required.

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