One Man Many Dreams

What You Dont Have, You Dont Give

Bountiful Dreams

This site contains the dreams of this man, that continues to dream.
I have hundreds of such but few are to be considered here. You are allowed to read and take pleasure in understanding.
The dreams are real and as they occurred to me. In some ways, real names have been removed but the actual characters remain. To learn from me, be object in your analyses of this message.Your response is also important to me and will be treated with caution.

The dreams should not be used for negative tendencies, may you understand them!Thinking that the world will learn from this…else!Imagini pentru dreams




What is truth? Truth is fact that remains unchanged over a length of time. No matter what an individual does to sabotage the fact, it remains to be called a fact.

To be true is to conform to the actual state of reality. The truth is bitter. Many truth cannot be changed ordinarily, it takes the truth to changed it. When you are not telling lies, you are speaking the truth.

Truth is philosophical in nature.  For thousands of years many philosophers continue to propose theories to explain it. Many of them believed that truth can be answered using the following four theories. These are pragmatic, coherence, and deflationary theories of truth. Needless to say, from whichever angle you see truth, it remains as truth.

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Scientists Should Know
Einstein1 Scientists have made a lot of discoveries in the past years -planets, exoplanets, stars, photons, antimatter, what we can see and what we cannot see. We have only been able to see the mirror of a part of our universe. Our solar system is like a space occupied by a Virus in the corner of a room. The other space in the room is what we call our universe. Inside the house are many other rooms, and there are many continents, countries, houses, different towns and cities. There are many universes. Humans will be able to explore our universe and build ideas about other universes.

Many are the basic truth as they found them, others are for illuminations into the world. Most of what is termed the truth now by them will soon change as better technologies and ideals are grown. The difference between developed and developing world is the truth.

You are welcome to this young site.hand-over-white

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